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Custom Schedule 




Custom scheduling defines your junior golfer's goals. Taking into consideration school committments, school and family vacations, COA Golf identifies the best events that will asisst your golfing family in reaching the goals you set. Plan now to increase the chances to gain entry into events most desired by your player. We work with families and provide tournament overview. COA Golf consults by the hour with a 3 hour minimum. COA Golf's custom scheduling packages run 6 -12 months in advance. Some clients want every detail of their families scheduled layed out for a full year, while others simply want a list of tournaments that will get their player on the fast track. COA Golf evaluates every aspect of the junior tournaments in your area, both regionally and nationally to develop the best schedule.




Is your golfer playing in local events that can gain status to qualify for other larger events? Do those events help your junior golfer work toward teams in your association or allow your junior golfer to play for AJGA performance entry stars?  COA Golf assists you to recognize when it is time to add regional events to your local schedule and finds the shortest path to the national events in which most junior golfers desires to play.




COA Golf starts planning with your family now for 6-12 months ahead of time. COA Golf works on blocks of time, keeping in mind the bigger goal and setting up your junior golfer to have their best shot at playing in the tournaments for which they have set their sights. COA Golf maps out every detail of the events from course compatability, potential strenghth of field and whether it maximizes your junior golfer's goals. COA Golf also evaluates travel time, jet lag and how they can work against you if not thought out correctly.




If you are working toward a goal and can achieve that goal closer to home why travel cross country and spend $2000.00 or more at an event that has the same ability to make you shine for only an entry fee? COA Golf reviews these types of events with you to help your junior golfer and your family play and plan smart.



Rates for this service vary on the amount of time each family needs. In general the prices are $330.00-$395.00 a month. This includeds all the time a player or family needs to work with COA Golf and there is no time limitation. For those that prefer to work on an hourly basis we will accomodate these requests on an individual basis.  



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