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Course of Action Golf is a life saver! Strategy, time saving, money saving, hand holding with a team of people that are second to none. We have leap frogged our way over events we didn't need to play, into events my son dreamed of playing. His goals are firmly in his grasp and there is no way we could have done this alone.  Thank you Susan and the COA Golf Team. Stan, Florida



"Our family just consulted with Susan and we are so happy we did! We feel like we now have direction and purpose that we didn't have before. It was like opening a treasure chest of information! Susan explained the complexities of the PBE system to us and gave us information on the different tours that would have been challenging to figure out on our own. It is clear that Susan loves what she does and truly cares about her clients and their success. We concluded the meeting with the confidence of knowing we have added a valuable member to our son's team." The Chin Family, California


"Susan was very helpful and knowledgeable. She provided excellent insight on how to strategically schedule my junior golfer to maximize his opportunities." Gary, Arizona Parent


"I was eligible to play in a national event. Course of Action Golf made sure I knew I was qualified for this prestigious event."  Arizona Player


"I was trying to build status in AJGA but my schedule for the year only gave me 3 opportunities to earn performance based entry stars. COA Golf helped me maximize my opportunity to build PBEs." California Player


"There were two events on the same weekend and after review Course of Action Golf helped me understand that one of the courses fit my game much better than the other. I went on to shoot one of my best tournament rounds in my junior career." Florida Player


"Stars? Exemptions? Now I get it. COA Golf helped me to get fully exempt this year." California Player


"COA Golf has a knack for setting up a schedule that is geared toward my daughter's goals. We were lucky to work wtih Susan to help us make a long range plan for those goals." John, Florida Parent


"My son is a very good player and we thought we were doing everything right. After talking to Susan and reviewing our goals we decided to have her help us with tournament scheduling. That was over a year ago and I can't imagine not having her help. Her company not only recommends and strategizes about which tournaments to play but also how to prepare for those events. The benefit for my son is immeasurable!"  

Texas Family






My 12 year old daughter began playing junior golf about 4 years ago in west central Florida. She  started with the local tours which included our chapter of US Kids. As she progressed and I spent  time interacting with other parents it quickly became obvious to me that the junior golf circuit consists of many tournaments and tours. The process of deciding which tournaments to play became a very tedious and complex task. My wife and I both work and simply do not have the time to study all of the events my daughter could play in. Since her goal is to play college golf at a high level, our goal was to get her accepted into AJGA events to establish her as a strong  college candidate. It became obvious that we didn't have the time nor the knowledge to guide her on the most efficient  path to reaching her goal.


We started working with Course of Action Golf and Susan Petefish about a year ago. We have been very impressed with her knowledge and insight about which tournaments are worth our  time and money and more importantly which ones are NOT! She really understands  how and where to earn PBE points which are critical in gaining entry into AJGA tournaments. Susan began   by collecting data on our daughter's golf goals while keeping in mind her obligations to her school work as well as our family dynamics. Since we have two other very active children we have to divide our time amongst all of them and we can not afford to spend time going to every golf tournament that " sounds good" but are really not suited for our specific needs.


Susan produced a detailed spreadsheet of tournaments she recommended to us which fitted around our busy schedule. Her work saved us countless hours of online research and wasted weekends at meaningless tournaments. Susan personally knows most of the tournament directors of the " big tournaments " and often will call them  to make sure the tournament is a good fit for us.  In summary, we have found Course of Action Golf to be a very valuable resource in our daughter's golf journey.

Parent, Tampa, Florida




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