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Course of Action Golf, LLC is a professional consulting firm providing over 30 years of competitive planning for athletes. We create the optimal tournament package for your junior golfer to attain both their short and long-term goals. Our clients include national and international juniors. We take the mystery out of points and rankings, help define the road to the AJGA, and show how to navigate from local to regional to national junior events. We outline opening and closing dates, how one tournament can lead to another tournament, and assist with golf resumes. Whether your junior golfer is 10 or 17, a solid golf plan is both smart and financially savvy. Most junior golfers have swing coaches, mental coaches, and work-out programs, but who is your tournament coach? Everyone has a little information, but we have all the details to give you an edge. Our program is private and confidential, and our client interaction produces a competitive tournament schedule designed exclusively for your junior golfer. Our program will eliminate wasted time, reduce unnecessary travel, diminish costs, and eliminate the confusion of tournament planning. It is our mission to deliver your junior golfer a plan to compete at the premiere tournaments, hosted by the finest local, regional, and national associations, affording them an opportunity to attain the highest rankings, and placing them in the best light to have their game noticed.





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