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There is a difference between setting goals and having dreams. Setting goals with a plan on how to attain them is an integral part of achieving success. Having dreams is often the fuel that ignites dedication, passion, and hard work. Both are necessary to attain the elite levels of junir golf.


Junior golf is not like other youth sports; it is organized in terms of official tournament play, but unorganized from its lack of a tour or organization that runs everything. This leaves the ultimate goal of becoming a top junior player up to a lot of guesswork and chance. This is also why the world of high-level junior golf can be so confusing. Parents speak with other parents, contact various junior golf tours with information, and do their best to put together a tournament schedule. The big question then becomes - does the tournament schedule optimize what is best for their player? The answer is sometimes "yes," but more often "no."


The need for Course of Actions Golf's services came from years of being asked for assistance in putting everything together to create the optimal custom tournament schedule.  Families spend a great deal of time and money preparing for golf tournaments. Junior golfers miss school, while parents use vacation days and juggle family priorities. Creating a tournament schedule that encompasses both the junior golfer's dreams and goals, while maximizing playing opportunities, is one of the key factors in achieving success at the highest levels of junior golf.


Course of Action Golf's consulting team guides players in making the journey to elite junior golf tournament play. Course of Action Golf  knows first-hand the ups and downs of junior golf and how important it is to have both professional and personal support. Course of Action Golf  exists to assist the junior golfer in reaching their goals.

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