Strategic Tournament Scheduling for Junior Golfers 

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We review your junior player's history and prepare the best roadmap of events to reach your goals. Establish a timeline and plan for junior golf tournaments. COA Golf reviews academics and maps out rankings to secure tournaments spots. Together we determine the best preparation to succeed at the events for optimal results.

3-4 hours of research/review.

There is no cookie cutter way to approach this it is individual.

800-945-4102 (click nad connects to our cell.) 


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 An elite, custom design and presentation of a junior golfer's highlights on and off the golf course. A well thought out and strategically designed resume to showcase a player. 

In a sea of digital resumes

(that many coaches do not look at) there is a better way. 


Jr Golf Planners  CENTRAL

$99 a year (COMING SOON)

Articles, Interviews, Podcasts and a You Tube channel. Course management tips,  traveling, clubs, practice rounds, instruction and rankings will be highlighted.


What is college golf really like? College golf schedules, qualifying for tournaments, NCAA guidelines and behind the ropes information. Hear it from the golfers who have been through top junior, amateur and college golf. 



Elite  Player Committment

Strategic planning means evaluating goals/plans. We work for you 12 months, 24/7 by phone, text or email. 

Developing the best calendar to showcase a junior golfers talents, rankings and college recruiting. The annual rate is $4500.00 with no additional hourly billing. 

Hourly rates are available ($175.00) after an initial consultation in 5-10 hour increments. All fees are paid upfront per NCAA rules ,as detailed below. ​​​​​​​

Click 800-945-4102 (connects to our cell phone) 

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Applicable fees for all programs and consultations, including renewals, are due in advance of services. The program term is specified on the invoice. To Comply with NCAA Bylaws, fees paid to Course of Action Golf are not contingent on a prospective student-athlete either being recruited to play golf in college or receiving any insitutional financial aid. Therefore, in an effort to help protect the eligibility of the client with respect to the NCAA rules, all fees are due in advance of services provided for the duration of time selected. 


To comply with NCAA Bylaws, Course of Action Golf does not serve as an agent. We educate and provide pertinent information that will allow a prospective student/athlete a clear understanding about the recruiting process and junior golf opportunities. We do not promise scholarships, or act on behalf of the student/ athlete. It is permissible, however, for high school academic and athletic records to be distributed to collegiate coaches without jeopardizing a prospective student-athletes eligibility. All fees are due in advance of services and are not contingent upon a prospect student-athlete either being recruited to play golf in college or receiving any institutional financial aid.