Strategic Tournament Scheduling for Junior Golfers 

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 Course of Action Golf represents a group of individuals that truly understand your trip through junior golf.

Our team represents parents, professionals and athletes who have been at junior golf events

in every state in the country, at every level from local events to the most elite tournaments in our sport.

Moving from junior golf to amateur, college and professional golf we have lived through the experiences

of being a parent, coach, caddie and therapist to our own players.

We understand what it is like to be in your shoes as a parent or you as a player and for our clients this has made a tremendous difference.  

Our clients range from new tournament golfers to elite players who are trying to reach the top spots of junior golf.

"Course of Action Golf was created due to the demand for me to work with players and their families full time. I have always had a

knack for figuring out the best way to sort through tournaments, points and rankings. Junior golf is expensive with an average tournament travel

weekend costing $2000.00 or more. Having a strategic partner to help you short cut the process has proven invaluable.

I am all about having an edge over the competition and with tournament golf it is all about the details." Susan Petefish


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Check out the bios of our team and friends of COA Golf-Our clients are happy to discuss their experiences with us. 

Susan Petefish ~ Founder ~ Rankings, Strategy, Planning


"I have a son who decided he wanted to play college golf late (fall of his Sophomore year).  We quickly discovered we were behind in the recruiting process and wanted to make the most of our short time horizon.  Thank goodness we found Susan.  She helped us decide which tournaments made the most sense for our goals, talking us out of a few tournaments, saving us time and big dollars.  She helped us with resume building and the like.  I love that she has been through this herself with her own son.  She’s been in our shoes, so she knows the ups and downs of being a parent of a Junior Golfer.  Thank you Susan, for all the support you give our family."  Mary, WA.

Feel free to email me anytime with a quick question (no obligation). If I can make a real difference then our team will work with you. If you just need a quick question answered I am happy to do that. You can email me

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Julie Cunningham ~ Competitive Wizard
Planning By Design Financial

Dolores Salazar ~ Junior Girls Expert
Tracy Cunningham ~ Caddie, Jr Golf Expert, Winner
Planning By Design Financial

Jim Hamm,PGA Class "A" Professional ~ over 100 D1 Players
Dr. Don Chu ~ Physical Therapist ~ Author, Olympic Trainer
Athercare Physical Therapy

Kay Dalke ~ Senior Rules Official
Sue Crampton ~ Junior Golf Liason