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College and Beyond



First and foremost we are not college recruiters. COA Golf helps you prepare a schedule that works to achieve your junior golfer's goals and showcases their talent. COA Golf assists you be ready and not miss the window of opportunity when your game is shining. COA Golf can refer you to college recruiters if you need one.  



What should you do when your son or daughter gets a questionnaire in the mail? Please take a moment and fill it out the form and send it back to the coach. You may think, "Oh, my son or daughter would never go there." "Are you sure?" One never knows how everything is going to turn out on this journey. A college that reaches out to you for more information is a good start on your road to a college golf career.



Do you have a golf resume? If not, you are going to want one to showcase your academic and tournament experience.  COA Golf specializes in resume building and/or working to edit your current resume.



Junior golfers often are nervous on a campus visit. COA Golf will help your player prepare a list of questions to ask during college visits.  THANK YOU NOTES...don't know what that is? Ask your parents, or parents please show your children what a thank you note is and how to put a stamp on an envelope.




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