Strategic Tournament Scheduling for Junior Golfers

Strategic Planning for Junior Golfers

Navigating your way through junior golf is like a puzzle.

We put the pieces together and build your roadmap to success. 

 Play Smart with Course of Action Golf!

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You have a swing coach and possibly mental and conditioning coaches for your junior golfer. 

Who is coaching you on which tournaments you should play and how to prepare for those events

Course of Action Golf consultants have "been there," attending over 500 junior golf events around the world at every level. 

We are rankings experts, scheduling wizards and we know how to get things done. The money we save clients is profound. 

Traveling is outrageously expensive and if there is a goal to be achieved it's great but randomly spending thousands of dollars on tournaments is unneccesary.

 Our goal of saving you time and money is real and we balance that with your long term goals and objectives. 


Where and why to play an event?

Which tournaments help you achieve your goals?

Strategy is more than just searching tournaments. Players need a plan!



Tournament frequency, building status to elite events, and planning a year ahead is essential.

Where to play this year to be in position to stand out next year is strategic planning.



Plan to get noticed by coaches, reach out the right way, set yourself apart from the other great players.

A personal planned out approach can garner real results and get attention sooner than digital sites.



Course of Action Golf is a life saver! Strategy, time saving, money saving, hand holding with a team of people that are second to none. We have leap frogged our way over events we didn't need to play, into events my son dreamed of playing. His goals are firmly in his grasp and there is no way we could have done this alone.  Thank you Susan and the COA Golf Team.

-Emily, California Mom



My son is a very good player and we thought we were doing everything right. After talking to COA Golf's team and reviewing our goals we decided to have them help us with tournament strategy and scheduling. That was over a year ago and I can't imagine not having their help. Course of Action Golf not only recommends strategizes about which tournaments to play and why but also how to prepare for those events. The benefit for our son has been immeasurable!

-Stacy, Florida Mom

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Measuring success is based on our clients goals and needs. From enjoying tournament golf to reaching the goal of collegiate golf we have tremendous success stories at every level. 


-AJGA All Americans

-AJGA Open and Invitational Winners

-USGA Jr Am and Girls Jr Participants

-Players who started getting serious about tournament golf later in high school

and went on to play college golf. 

-7th and 8th graders playing in national events and planning to be elite players.

-Teaching parents how to plan travel to tournaments to optimize

performance at those events is our specialty.

-Supporting our players and parents when everything doesn't go so well and celebrating when it does, we share your journey.